What is the Crash Week?

Do you want to be a future leader of the new raising economy? Stop playing by the old rules!
With our short-but-intense 1-Week Bootcamp (aka “The Crash Week”),
you and your fellow participants will dive deep into the startup and innovation world.

There is no class, no teachers, no rules. It is everything FOR Founders BY Founders;
only expect to work hard and play harder. This is modern learning at its finest!

We focus on learning-by-doing and developing a business idea from scratch. All the while, you will be mentored and guided by some of the great founders and experts from Israel, the Startup Nation.
Indeed, this is the ultimate entrepreneurship course of your dreams! (All our alumni say so)
Are you ready to take the ride?

If you’re a highly motivated individual who is ready to co-create with peers and mentors, we want you! You don’t need to come with a specific idea beforehand; that’s what the ideation process is all about! Come alone or bring a friend. If you already have an idea in your mind to make the world a better place, we would be happy to save a spot for you.
We’re calling on international students and graduates from all areas of study, backgrounds, and experience levels, because diversity is a strength! To date, we have attracted participants from 17 countries, including Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Great Britain, and the USA.
Do you have all that it takes to make it in the New Economy?

In order to accommodate your busy school or work schedule and to keep up with the high demand for our innovation bootcamp, we are offering several openings throughout the year. Choose from one of the following options:

  • July 15 to 19 – fully booked, sorry
  • July 22 to 26
  • Aug 12 to 16
  • Sept 3rd – 7th – fully booked, sorry
  • We’ll publish soon more dates in December 2018 and January 2019 – drop us an email if you’re interested.

Select your date preferences when you APPLY

There is no speedier or more effective opportunity than this to figure out if the startup or entrepreneurship path is the right choice for you. You will experience what is required to set up a startup, as well as an opportunity to evaluate if your startup ideas are even worth pursuing. Looking to join a startup or participate in a startup accelerator later? This is your chance to be ready for all the challenges that are ahead of you.

The bootcamp is a tremendous networking opportunity for you too. You are about to learn from and work with some of Israel’s (and the world’s!) finest and brightest, and collaborate with peers who share your passion and drive to succeed. You are sure to come away from this with some solid contacts, important because it’s not always about what you do but who you know to do better or faster.

In our program, you’ll get a ton of access to both networking and practical education!

Application to the 1-Week Bootcamp is free: apply now and show us that you are worth it!
If you’re accepted by the 3iCampus team, this learn-by-doing 1-Week Bootcamp will be yours for $1,000.

Can’t afford it but highly motivated? Apply anyway. We’re working with organizations and sponsors to secure scholarships for those who may need it. Contact us to see how we can help.


We’re not teachers. We are an experienced team of thought do’ers and leaders who have been engaged for over 5 years to make bootcamps, hackathons and mini-labs for 500+ students, young entrepreneurs and professionals. In that time, we’ve done it all. From creating two startup accelerators to running bootcamps, the success of our participants is our passion. And we’re not doing it alone.
We are tremendously grateful to pull from the experience and wisdom from other successful Israeli founders and experts. Your startup will be launched on generations of expertise that have designed the business landscape of the New Economy grow and evolve, and the ones behind the Startup Nation. Whether in coaching or through inspiring stories, they can’t wait to see you succeed too.

Our program works

Hear from some of our most successful students

It was really intensive program but I can say we learned a lot… We came out much more stronger and much more able to cope with all the elements [of the digital world].

Jeremy / France

I believe that it’s a great project that will help future generations build small start-ups and help make a better world.

Ron / Israel

The most exciting thing about this program is the access to all the mentors and the diversity of the speakers that we’ve heard.

Meredith / USA

This is one of the most amazing week in my whole life… It literally changed the way I see entrepreneurship, startups and how to interact with each other and seek for help.

Linh / Vietnam

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